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250mg Pet Relief Hemp Oil

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100% Vegan

How To Use

What do you get when you combine small batch hemp & double extraction with ancient spagyric alchemy? The recipe for a better day for your furry best friend.

Our unique plastic syringe applicator also makes it easy to administer without the danger of glass. 

Dose the desired amount and administer in your pet's mouth.

Spagyric hemp extract, Coconut MCT Oil

    250mg Pet Relief Hemp Oil
    250mg Pet Relief Hemp Oil
    250mg Pet Relief Hemp Oil - Zion Medicinals
    250mg Pet Relief Hemp Oil
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    We pride ourselves on our commitment to an eco-friendly future. Some of the improvements we have made include:

    -EcoEnclose biodegradable 100% recycled kraft paper padded mailers

    -50% post-consumer recycled material and 50% hemp product labels

    - Recycleable glass bottles

    - Recycled paper printed materials

    Highly Considered Ingredients

    • HEMP

      Hemp extracts include over 100 cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and more for many health benefits.


      MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil from coconuts is a superior carrier oil for its relatively small molecular structure. As a result, MCTs are absorbed more easily by the human body.

    100% VEGAN

    Better Days Ahead

    It was the necessity to help his wife that led Brian to develop the most potent hemp extract on the market. It is his spirit of innovation and dedication to quality that drives us to create plant-powered products for health and happiness. Fully experiencing life starts with a better day and a better day starts with Pillar Līf.