Pillar Līf CBD Affiliate Program

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Why Choose Pillar Līf's Affiliate Program?

High-quality products

We guarantee the potency and effectiveness of our products, meaning we expect our customers to purchase again (and again… and again…). With our 60-day cookie, you’ll likely get that re-order commission as well (and maybe even a recurring subscription).

High price-point

Make more money with less effort.  We only produce the highest quality products and therefore price them accordingly.  You’ll earn higher commissions on our higher average order value than with other hemp affiliate programs.

Recurring subscription products

We incentivize our customers to opt for recurring subscriptions. This means you can earn recurring monthly commissions on any subscription customers you generate.

60-day cookie

Almost all affiliate programs have just a 30-day cookie. But we know it takes people time for customers to make important decisions regarding their health, so we’ve lengthened our cookie to 60 days, to allow our valued affiliates to benefit from those customers that take longer to purchase.

Hemp and CBD Oil Affiliate Program Details

  • Commission rate: 30% of all sales

  • Cookie: 60 days

  • Payment Threshold: $100

  • Commission types: One-off & Subscription


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