What Is Spagyric Alchemy?

What Is Spagyric Alchemy?

Spagyric literally means “alchemy” - the four-thousand-year-old practice of purifying and perfecting objects - particularly when performed to create herbal remedies. As much art as science, spagyric alchemy involves fermenting, extracting, purifying and recombining plant matter to create medicinally potent substances.

Spagyric processing incorporates three basic alchemical properties of plant matter: mercury (water), sulfur (fire) and salt (earth). Organic ethanol is used to first extract beneficial compounds - the mercurial life essence of the hemp plant - in hermetically sealed vacuum distillation to protect plant matter from heat damage. Though this is more time- and labor-intensive than the more prevalent CO2 extraction, it provides a full profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, oils, flavonoids and other compounds that are burned off during standard methods.

While standard extraction ends here, spagyric processing makes use of the leftover plant matter that would normally be discarded. This hemp mass is burned to a white ash in a process called calcination. The ash is then mixed with distilled water, filtered and slowly evaporated to form crystallized hemp mineral salts.

The salt crystals are recombined with the raw hemp tincture from the extraction phase, creating a truly full-spectrum concentrate of medicinal hemp acids, oils and minerals. These compounds work together to maximize each other’s beneficial effects on the body and mind in what is known as the entourage effect, creating a far more potent even than most “full-spectrum” extracts available today.


What Is Spagyric Alchemy? What Is Spagyric Alchemy?

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What Is Spagyric Processing?

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