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Transparent Testing Results

Explore Our Lab Reports

Lab Reports

While most brands do limited testing (or don’t even test at all), we put every single batch of our spagyric hemp extract through rigorous third-party assessments. If it doesn’t pass our standards of potency and purity, it doesn’t go in the bottle.

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250mg Hemp Oil 0420

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750mg Hemp Oil 0420

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Sample Reports

We’re setting a new standard for transparency by publishing our lab reports. Check out our sample reports below to see just how serious we are about potency and purity.

Cannabinoid Profile

Cannabinoids are the beneficial chemical compounds that naturally occur in the hemp plant. Our truly full-spectrum hemp extract shows a majority of CBD and at least eight different cannabinoids.

Terpene Profile

Full-spectrum hemp oil also contains a mix of terpenes. While most companies only test for cannabinoids, we feel it’s important to show that our extract contains nine (count 'em!) terpenes, each with their own unique medicinal properties.

Pesticide Report

Pesticides are dangerous toxins. We guarantee all of our products are pesticide-free. Our testing shows “ND” (for Not Detectable), proving our hemp was grown organically and used safe farming practices. No pesticides in sight!

Mycotoxin Report

Mycotoxins are harmful compounds produced by mold or fungi. Our products test 100% “Negative” for mycotoxins, proving that proper harvesting and storage techniques were used.

100% VEGAN

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